Dr Hamilton and Mo

This is my dog, Mo. He works with me at my
Portland Office.

What should you expect from psychotherapy with me?

You should expect to feel respected, listened to, and able to make yourself understood in the therapy relationship. While it may take time to get to know me and vice versa, the work of therapy is too hard to saddle with an incompatible working relationship. A feeling of trust should develop over time. A climate of honesty and truthfulness is needed where you can risk bringing up sensitive subjects without the fear of judgment. It is my job is to help you face the issues that brought you to therapy in a direct but compassionate way. Depending upon the issue, you should have the sense of making identifiable progress towards your goal. Always feel free to let me know how you feel about the therapy.

You are not there for the benefit of the therapist, and a well-trained therapist should be able to appreciate your assertiveness. Usually long-standing and complicated issues take longer time to address than recent or less complicated issues, but know that your experience of growth and progress is what really matters.

If you know what you need, ask for it.